Welcome to our Pastor’s Page.

I’m sorry I have not updated here for a while. Sometimes, things just slip my mind. I just forget. It is good to be able to share with you the goodness of Almighty God and for all that He is doing this morning.

It is April 14, 2019. I’m standing looking out the backdoor of the church here. It is about 9:15 on Sunday morning and raining on this Palm Sunday. I was just standing here thinking about what happened many years ago in a little city called Jerusalem, in the land of Israel. Jesus Christ went into the city on that day riding a mule; riding a donkey. People would go before Him. They were breaking Palm branches and leaves off of trees and saying, “Hosanna” which means “Save us now!” People were rejoicing. No doubt, there were thousands upon thousands of people that were lining the streets. They probably entered into the conversation and the chant, when they said, “Hosanna.” However, things change when He goes into the city. We know what He does in there. We don’t take time to tell you all about that this morning. However, I think about how that people were so glad to see Him on this Palm Sunday. They were so glad to recognize and declare that He is the King of Israel, that He was their Messiah. Yet, in just a few short days, they were going to the same crowd or some of the same crowd that was recognizing Him to be the Messiah, and the King of Israel; they were so happy He was there. Some of the same crowd in my mind, if I understand things correctly, will be in the crowd among those saying, “Crucify Him. Crucify Him. Get rid of Him, and release unto us Barabbas.”

It is funny how things change. It is funny how people change. However, we do. We all do from time to time in different situations. I want you to think today, and I want you to be thankful today for what Jesus Christ has done for humanity, for us, for you, and for me. Not only did He suffer the ridicule of men—the years that He lived here, especially the three and a half years of His ministry—not did He suffer the ridicule, the taunts, the slander and all that He suffered; yet He changed people’s lives. There has never been anyone that has changed history, like Jesus Christ has changed history. He can take someone that is broken, someone that is torn apart, someone that is empty, someone that is lonely; He can take someone that as far as the world is concerned, has no value whatsoever, but Jesus Christ can take them and make something out of them. He can use them for His glory. He can use them to further the gospel. He can use them to teach, preach and spread the Word of God so that people can be saved. He can do the same thing for you today, if you are not saved, if you are not a Christian. The Lord can and will save you today, if you will just call upon Him.

Anyway, it is springtime. The flowers are growing. The grass is growing. Things are green now. As I said earlier; it is raining here in Ohio this morning. It is just a wonderful Spring morning that you see. Again, I want you to remember what is going on and what happened all those years ago.

We are getting for our Vacation Bible School. We already had some preparation for that. Some practices have already started for the skits with that. Our church camp will follow that. We are looking forward to those things. We are doing something different with church camp this year. We are very excited about that. There are just a lot of good things happening. I appreciate the Lord answering prayer.

We are praying here. We made a calendar and we are praying here around the clock for the month of April. If you want to join in with us for that—I know it is the 14th and the month is half over, but if you want to join in, just pick a time; whatever time you would like to and pray at that particular time the rest of this month. We are asking God’s blessing to be upon His people and upon His church. We are asking God’s blessing upon His Word that it may go forth with free course. We are asking God just to do great things in our community. You do that wherever you are at. Ask God to do great things in your community.

Again, if you are not saved; trust Him today. Call upon Him today. He will save you. The rest of your life can be the best of your life if you will just follow Jesus Christ.

We are glad to hear from you from time to time. We appreciate the cards, letters, and texts that we get, the communication we get. We appreciate you. If you have prayer requests, if you have things that you would like for us to pray about then the contact information is on our website, or webpage. Just make those contacts and we will be honored to help you, to pray with you, to talk with you and we will assist you any way we can.

Love you guys

Have a great day!