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July 22, 2018

Good Morning.  Welcome to our Pastor’s Page.  I just wanted to thank you guys for taking time out of your day to visit our website and our Pastor’s Page.  We appreciate you so very much.

The Lord has been doing some wonderful things here at Campbell Chapel down through these summer months.  We have some absolutely fantastic times, having children saved, adults being saved, and members coming in.  It is just an exciting time.  It has been many years since I have been excited as I am today to see what God is doing in the lives of His people that are faithful.  My my my we have so many opportunities today to be able to share the light of the glorious gospel with this lost and dying world.  The Lord is sure opening up many doors for us.  We want to thank the Lord for that today.

I do want to make a couple of announcements this morning.  Be sure to remember our homecoming.  It is on August 12th.  We start at 10 AM in the morning with brother James Cremeans, Lord willing, will be preaching for us in the morning service.  Brother Mike Huff will be here in our afternoon service.  Please, if you can then come and be with us at that meeting.  Looking forward to a great time.  We will have lunch around noon.  Our afternoon service will start somewhere around 1 PM.  Please, if you would like to and can, come and be a part of those services.  Just looking forward to a great time there.

Also, be praying for our children.  School will be starting back before long.  I know it is a stressful time, a lot of times for parents and for children as they prepare to go back to school.  I know that children get a lot of pressure put on them today because of what they don’t have and what somebody else does have.  I want you to be praying for us here at Campbell Chapel that we can help people, that we can put new clothes on kids’ backs and new shoes on their feet—new stuff.  We want them to fit in.  We want them to be a part of their school and where they go.  We do not want them to feel inferior.  Help us to do that.  Be praying about that. 

We have a lot of things going on.  Last year, at the end of the school year; we had about 309 children that we were feeding each week.  Please continue to be praying for that.  We are looking forward to getting back started with that again here in August.  Again, we thank you for your support and your prayers and all that is going on there. 

Also, be remembering our shoe box ministry.  We send shoe boxes to Samaritans’ Purse.  This month, the month of July, it is school supplies that we are collecting.  Please if you could help us with that.  Herman and Brenda Salyers do a great job with that.  It is a lot of work and a lot of effort.  Therefore, please be remembering that if you would please. 

Continue to pray for our church here.  We had a young man by the name of Josh Daniels announce his calling to the ministry here a couple of weeks ago.  He preached his first message this past Wednesday night.  He did a great job.  I’m very proud of him.  He is my grandson.  I appreciate him so much.  I pray that you will pray for him and all the other ministries that we have here.  Please be praying for them that God will use them and bless them and strengthen them and all the other things we have going on. 

We have people that goes to the school, out to the juvenile center and talks to the kids out there.  We have people that spends time at the nursing homes.  It is just good what God is doing in the lives of his people that are faithful.  If you are unsaved today, if you don’t know Jesus Christ as your Savior, I pray today, it is my prayer today that you will give your life to Him.  This is the greatest life that you could ever live.  I know you may hear that a lot and people may say that to you, but it is the greatest life that you could ever have.  You can have peace.  You can have joy.  You can have contentment.  You can have eternal life today.  That only come through and by receiving Jesus Christ as your Savoir.  Baptizing won’t get you that.  Joining some church won’t do that.  Talking to some pastors, some preachers, shaking their hands will not make that happen.  However, when you have a personal one on one relationship with Jesus Christ, when you ask Him to come into your life and forgive you of your sins then thank God, He will do that.  He is faithful and just to forgive us of our sins and to cleanse us from all of our unrighteousness. 

I am so very glad that I am saved today.  I am so very glad when I was just a young man, many years ago; I purposed and desired and decided the Lord called, and I decided to follow Him in this Christian walk, in this Christian pilgrimage.  I am so very glad that I did today.  The Lord had blessed me in such a great great way.  Not only here on this earth but I’m looking forward to going to heaven.  We may get to go today.  However, do you know what I want to do?  I want you to go with us.  If you are not saved, if you are not ready then please make things right with Jesus Christ. 

If you do not have a home church, come and be with us.  We would love to have you.  We will teach and preach unto you the truth.  No, we are not perfect.  We are a long way from being perfect.  I will tell you this.  The Spirit of the Holy God is here and the God of heaven is here.  He will bless you.  He will drawl you unto repentance.  He will do some great things for you if you will just follow Him. 

We love you guys today.

Have a great day! 


Bob Bradley, Pastor


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