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Bob BradleyJanuary 7, 2018

Good morning

Welcome to the Pastor’s Page.  I appreciate you taking time out of your day to view our Pastor’s Page.  I want to thank you for that.  We appreciate you so much for the correspondence we get from many of you that you appreciate what goes on here at Campbell Chapel.  Again, we thank the Lord for that.

In the beginning, let me say if we can be a help to you, a blessing to you in any way please don’t hesitate to let us know.  The contact information is on our website.  You will be able to contact us through those avenues. 

It is good to be here.  Today’s date is January the 7th of 2018.  We had a great Christmas season here at Campbell Chapel.  The Lord has really blessed us to do a lot of great things in 2017.  We have—first and foremost—we have seen people’s lives changed and people saved and born into the family of God.  We thank the Lord for that.  Some have rededicated their lives and reenergized their lives by coming back to the Lord.  We are seeing the Lord do some great things there.  We appreciate Him so much for what He is doing and for the great Christmas season we had and Thanksgiving season.  The Lord blessed Campbell Chapel to be able to bless a lot of people with food, clothing, toys and things like that for the Christmas season.  We truly have been blessed.  We want to thank the Lord for that in so many ways  that we have been blessed.  We can never thank the Lord enough for being so good unto us for allowing us to be just part of His great big plan here on planet earth.  We know that we are just a very small part.  We are glad that the Lord has called and chosen Campbell Chapel to be a part of what He is doing.

We do have many folks that are sick.  Probably in most parts of the country, we have a lot of folks that have the flus and viruses and the colds and things that are going on in the schools of our area—especially in Kentucky.  They have closed their doors and they have been closed some time because of the flu and things like that.  We do have many folks that are sick and struggling with that.  Many of elderly folk I would appreciate you praying for them.  Some of our young children have been sick.  Again, that is effecting everyone probably in your family as well as, ours.  We will be praying there for you guys also.  We do have many special needs here.  We do have some folks that are well up in years that are struggling with the things that comes when we get old in life.  I would appreciate that you pray for all those folks.  I won’t mention their names this morning but we would ask you to be praying for them.

…all the different ministries in the tri-state area here in Lawrence County, Ohio but we adjoin to Greenup County, KY and Boyd County, KY and Cabell County, WV and many different counties here around.  They have some great ministries here that are helping people, feeding people and clothing people and above all; a lot of folks are sharing the gospel message of Jesus Christ and people are being saved.  Pray for these ministries and these churches today that God will continue to bless them that they also may be a blessing.  God has people everywhere.  He has faithful people everywhere.  No.  Not every church and not every person is faithful.  No.  However, there are those who are faithful and doing God’s work.  We surely  need to be praying for those folks that God would energize them and bless them and give them the energy and the courage they need to go forth in this wicked world we are living in today. 

We appreciate you guys.  Do be praying for us here.  We have a lot of things on schedule for 2018.  Lord willing, with our shoe box ministry—keep that in mind—for January, we collect here at Campbell Chapel, wash cloths, bars of soap.  Keep that in mind.  Brenda and Herman Salyers takes care of that for us.  They do a great job with that.  Please be remembering that.  Also, that our church camp, and our vacation Bible school and many different things we will be doing this year; we want you to be praying for those things. 

In our Backpack Program, we have about 300 kids that we are feeding each weekend now.  Therefore, be praying for that.  That God would help us that we can continue that and be a help and blessing to those in our community.

We love you guys.  We ask that you pray for us and strengthen us and hold our names up before the Lord.  We need prayer.  We need help that only can come from the God of heaven.  We appreciate you guys be doing that today, to hold us up in prayer.  We will be praying for you guys also.

Again, we thank you.  We appreciate all that you are doing.  If we can help you, please let us know.

Love you guys.

Have a great day.

Bob Bradley, Pastor


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