Campbell Chapel Free Will Bapist Church of Ironton, Ohio


Welcome Committee

Anna McCormick

Every new visitor to our church is welcomed by our "Welcome Committee." We, as a church realize that coming into a new place, with new faces is often not an easy thing to do. We want to take that extra step to make each person feel at home. That is how this project got started.

We hand out a bookmark, pen (with church info) and other different items. Also, we ask that each new visitor fill out a card, just simply asking, their name and address so that the church can stay in contact with them.

Our goal with this ministry is to share God's love with others, and to let people know that God cares for them and we here at Campbell Chapel do too!!! Each new visitor will leave here knowing we are praying for them. We love them and we care for them!


As each day draws to a close

and you settle down to sleep.

Please know: You have been in our

thoughts throughout the day and now,

as we too end our day, we offer you up

once more to God. And when tomorrow

comes, our prayers will continue to be with you!

Love  and Prayers,

Campbell Chapel